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The Draconica Series

The Draconica series is a set of Fantasy novels, written in a Manga/Anime style - and sometimes including artwork as well.

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Final Ragnarok was a cataclysmic event that took place on Draconica around the year of 22 NE, which formed the basis of the plot for Final Ragnarok: She Returns - although it's coming had been foreshadowed in many other novels in the Draconica series. Ultimately the plan was to release Abadon from her prison in the Necroworld.

Abadon was first trapped in the Necroworld after The Black Hurricane - an event in which she attempted to wipe out all life on Draconica, believing the mortals had taken their lives for granted and they needed to be taught a lesson. But all the dragons joined forces to try and stop her rampage - ultimate ending when Jeova used his power to trap her in a prison, that became the Necroworld. In order to maintain this, he had to put himself in a state of continuous sleep - creating the Afterworld in order to maintain the spell. From then on, the spirits of the mortals would go to either the Afterworld or the Necroworld when they died, depending on what they did in their life. (More...)

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